Welcome to the other side of Angel Hearts Crochet!

I know, I know, the blog says yarn artist.  But what is a crocheter if not a yarn artist.  Most people look at a ball of yarn and see it…just yarn…and its color.  Yarn artist?  You will recognize us as we walk into the craft store.  We deeply smell the yumminess of craftiness…that cinnamon, fruity and maybe a little bit of dust found only in crafty stores.  As we walk the yarn aisles you will catch us closing our eyes and just feeling the yarn.  We feel a different level, the little nubs and strands, the softness or roughness of it.  And all we see is a colorful array of possibilities, hats, blankets, sweaters, scarves, dresses, booties, slippers, headbands…ummm yeah. See the list could go on and on!  We never leave with just our list of what is needed for a project.  There are always extra balls just jumping into our basket (no, we did not pick them up, they jumped! shhhh)  And we spend more time on the yarn aisle than we do the shoe aisle.  It is our passion, our love, our gift.

I started Angel Hearts a few years ago.  I needed an outlet and had a need to support my yarn habit.  My life was normal then.  But whether life was normal or not, Angel Hearts was named after a very precious little girl, and will always have a component that gives back to the community.  I strongly believe that no matter how poor, rich, crazy or calm our life is, we have to give back to the community.  It keeps you grounded and you will be showered in blessings.  So this last year life changed drastically for me.  Turned itself right smart upside down.  Angel Hearts became not only an outlet, a way to give back, but a way to try and provide for myself.  Relocating made it very hard, I’m still trying to build a customer base and get my “product” out there.  I opened an Etsy shop this year.  I just keep pushing forward, one step at a time to build something beautiful.

I love, love, love what I do.  I wish everyone could love what they do as much as I do.  I hope everyone has a hobby, hobby that they are trying to grow towards a business or job that they love.  I am truly blessed no matter how tough the times seem to be.

So I leave you with two questions:

What have you done to give back this week?

What can I crochet for you today?